Travel Around the USA With the DNC Delegate Roll Call

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I am so over the era of zoom calls. But the 2020 Democratic National Convention, all online for the very first time, has been able to work with the format in a compelling way.

Last night’s delegate roll call, usually the most boring part of both political conventions, was an unexpected delight. Democratic delegates from 50 states, seven territories, and abroad each got a chance to announce their votes for the candidates. But the candidates didn’t really matter in this little bit of political theater.

What was so great was getting a chance to travel around to all of these American places, seeing the diverse faces, hearing their different accents, and getting a glimpse of their surroundings.

Not every delegate group showcased their popular landmarks or coastlines – I’m sure the ones that didn’t are probably kicking themselves after the fact. But most did a really nice job of providing us with a taste of what their little piece of America was about.

Here’s a video of that portion of the convention. The alphabetical roll call begins 7:21.

Let me know which one was your favorite 🙂

Your Thoughts?

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