Top 10 Email Subject Lines When You Just Want to Say ‘Hello’

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  1. Hey
  2. Hi
  3. What’s Up?
  4. Happy [Day of Week]!
  5. … [ellipses, signalling a continuing conversation]
  6. Checking in
  7. Article [Then paste link to an article that you think person will be interested in in the email body…after you say hello]
  8. So
  9. Greetings!
  10. Hello

Hi there.

If you’ve gotten this far in the post, I want to say thank you.

When I wrote this post, it was mostly as an inside joke. My friend and I went back and forth using the above formulas, the subject line being arbitrary except for the fact that it signaled a new conversation.

Surprisingly, this post has become one of the most popular posts on the blog. Getting in touch with someone is such a simple thing. But it seems like all of us need help finding the right words to say.

So I wanted to provide a little more help to those of you who googled “email subject lines” and ended up here.

Here are two articles that I found helpful in getting in touch with others, whether to reconnect, ask for advice, or offer condolences.


  1. ‘Hey’, ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, and ‘What’s up’ doesn’t seem to be good subject lines in my opinion, because it’s almost like saying hi in the subject line and leaving your email body empty, if saying a hello is all you want to say.
    I want to drop a mail to an old colleague, just to pass him my email ID which I couldn’t do in person. There’s very little scope for a long conversation, just need to share pleasantries. What could be few Subject lines I can possibly use?? (‘Greetings!’ seem to be one.)


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