Exercise Pants with Pockets: The Best Pants for Dog Treats

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Pockets: For all the things you like to carry around, such as Milkbone dog treats.

Do we even know what’s in Milkbones? No! Of course we don’t. Because we are lazy and figure..,why fight it? It can’t be that bad!

My dog was 2 months free from eating paint on the streets of Colombo. I love my Sri Lankan street dog. But she is quite insane. She’s jealous and protective. And she’s fierce and still sparkles with wild tendencies. I love her Basenji-like howl. She’s wild yet spoiled and pampered. I respect the heck out of her.

Anyhow, I digress. I love wearing exercise pants with pockets. They fit the things I need to carry. My phone and a long-lasting, non-crumble dog treat you can carry around for a while—those are the things I need to carry. Maybe also chapstick and keys.

These athleta pants have ample pockets. I wear them to yoga, but also to everyday things like running errands and walking the dog (wearing my new headlamp beanie) and sleeping and never feeling like you need to change because the fabric is thick and binding yet breathable.

I’m wearing a different pair of Athleta pants now but they have lasted for years and still keep their elasticity. It feels slimming, though I don’t know if it is. I don’t care. They feel good and I like to feel good.

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Pants: Athleta

Dog treat: Milkbone. I like to buy the box with a dog that looks like my dog. I’m such a marketing pushover sometimes. Put out a lipstick set or nail polish collection named after favorite places on the map. Italy, Brazil. I always liked how Revlon’s Toast of New York recalls a certain New York era that seems to have been lost. That’s fine. Now will also be a fine moment far into the future when things are bound to get worse. But anyhoo! Milkbone dog biscuits and nail polish and lip stick.

Dog: Rosie, my crazy Sri Lankan street dog. I love her. She can be very lovable with me.

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Thanks for reading until the end.

Whew! I covered a lot.

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