Best Gear for an Easy, Breezy Sunday

The weather is warming up and you’re ready to get out there. On your deck with a fun book or maybe you’ll shuffle a few blocks over to the beach or walk to get a coffee. Either way, you’re comfy and stylish and ready for a little sun on your face.

Why I Love Shoes

I just stumbled across this poem of sorts that I wrote last year for some shoe-loving jingle contest. Not quite sure why I didn’t win. I still think this is kinda cute:

Gift Ideas for the Sensory Kid

Since my son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (aka “atypical autism”) and Sensory Processing Disorder, I’ve had a tough time figuring out suitable toys and games to get him. Sure, he’s happy with just about the same stuff any other kid is – blocks, mind-numbing, battery-powered toys, ride-on toys, etc. But I know that a lot …

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