1. hey melanie!
    i’ve been meaning to write to tell you that your blog entries are very entertaining….good stuff!

    i couldn’t agree more with the idea of a depressive hangover. i may never recover over the next 4 years. moving out of the country may be the best thing to do during these times. i think i have lost faith in the heart of our political system and in our country’s conscience. what has the US done??? oh man………

    take care over there and greetings to anthony!


  2. Its ok guys. See the bright side … he can’t run again in 2008. :) I was supremely disappointed too but hey … there’s apparently about 60 million fans of the guy. And I am pretty surprised about that number. Coz everyone I talk to and everywhere i read … ppl seem to hate him . so where are these 60 mil ppl hiding? Maybe thats the number of employees/contractors Halliburton has. :)

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