Rani, Abhishek, and SRK

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Much has been made about a possible link-up between Rani Mukherjee and Abhishek Bachchan, two of Bollywood’s biggest stars of the moment. As I’ve mentioned before, Rani is on a hot streak, having had hits with Black (a remake of the Miracle Worker) and the recent Mangal Pandey, as well as lighter fare like Hum Tum. Until recently, Abhishek has really only been known as Amitabh Bachchan’s son. But, he too has become an actor in his own right, most notably (for me, at least) in Bunty aur Babli, a Bonnie and Clyde-type caper that paired him with Rani. Their on-screen chemistry is incredible, a fact that has tabloids squawking about an off-screen romance between the two. (They haven’t even admitted to dating and already the film rags are discussing their marriage. Ah..the world of Hindi cinema…in which the only goal in life is to get married.)

Anyhow, lucky me, I recently got to attend a shooting for their up-and-coming Karan Johar film Kabhi Alviida Na Kehna (Don’t Ever Say Goodbye), to see if the rumors were true. All I could gather was that individually, Abhishek and Rani were extremely friendly, very gracious, and unbelievably good-looking up close (note that the above photo was taken between takes (set rules), and the two still look picture-perfect). Karan Johar was a sweetheart, even if he did look a bit overworked after more than a week of filming. All were very forthcoming about the film and the “craft” of acting, and were such generally nice, down-to-earth people that none of the guests on the set even thought of broaching such subjects as tabloid romances, insider rumors, etc.

So even though Abhi and Rani appeared to be very comfortable with each other, I couldn’t say either way that they were or weren’t together. They seemed like old friends. Sure, I have a few other candid photos that could easily be used as tabloid fodder. But, after meeting them and the other stars, I felt obligated not to share those on the blog. That’s the kind of person I am – one who gives stars their privacy. Of course, I am angling for another invite to the set when they shoot the dance sequences in December/January, so no use getting anyone angry.

And as for SRK (Shah Rukh Khan)? He’ll also be in the film as the love affair interest of Rani. He arrived after lunch, when most of the guests were leaving, but took the time to take some photos and chat. Two “secrets” that I will divulge about SRK (because they are pretty much in the open anyway): he’s a chain smoker (can you believe it??) and is slightly shorter than me. It’s amazing what the camera can do.


  1. Hi…Its seems you have been watching all those movies which have been made for common people. I am not sure about your back gnd but its true ( now it seems as i look back ) teh only goal of Indian cinema is to get married. Do you know why?
    Cinemas movies enable us to dream. When we have so much problem in India ( now I realise it more after starting to stay in London for more than six months) that these simple things strike people.Now I know that why every foreigner when they go to India take pictures of cows in streets , or unclad street kids or some other pictures which expresses the life about poverty distress and hunger and is appreciated when he comes back to her world of human rights , enclosed bus , planned trips 999 ambulance helps. The movies name you mentioned are some of those generic Movies I disliked most had i stayed in India ( but at london I have seen mostl of them). Try to see Parinita . its a film produced by Vidhu vindho chopra. Its also about getting married ( apparently) but inside you find some strong characters. Well I thhought I woudl ask you ..in fact thats why i was looking for putting a comment..this design of your blog and the apperance of this webpage I liked.

    Did you buy something to make it like this or is it all free?

    Thanks And Regards


  2. Hi,
    I just came to check my own comments and found full of mistakes and misspelled words where as your comment was neat and clean. Clearly stating everything yet diplomatic. I didn’t have anything to write back.
    Today i watched another Indian movie ” Jo sapnay mein aaya” ( One who came in dreams). Its just like one of those movies which you have watched all the time ( sorry :P). but now and again these movies are coming all the time and would keep on coming in future as well.Its about rediscovering true indian identity / culture having stayed in US/Uk for long time.But I guess there’s no harm in watching them for the sake of entertainment. We had limited entertainment opportunities back in India or may be we still are not in that mode of back packers and moving around the world ( again economy and society is behind this). So when you watch these movies you can write they are all the same story but you should know that we also feel the same but many of these movies become hit as I and my friends don’t represent Indian common masses.So although its silly but yet it keeps on happening. If you keep watching them bollywwod movies you would find group of directors /producers produce everything in films which is just as good as scenic places

    I haven’t watched the maratha movie.

    I don’t know If you would like Satyajit Ray movies. They are old ones. He got life time achievement award as well ( Oscar ) but first he was recognised in Cannes film festival . I never liked it when i was kid. May be now if i see them I may like it. You may watch them. For a change I would learn about our movies from you :).

  3. ***** I couldn’t post it at Mangal Pandey Blog************
    Everytime I read a any of your blog I cannot help commenting about it :).

    To start with do you know the kind of people who used to come as representatives of East India Company? In many a times people who used to come here didn’t have a nice time at england ( Unlike these days where people just migrate because they love the country…reminds me of a UK millionaire who have chosen to stay with Masaih tribe of Africa ).
    This is analogous to convicted British people being sent to Australia.So the kind of pople who used to come in administrative posts, many of them were not liberal… even today you would find in firms having ittle corporate social responsibility).So its not normal that there would be some guys who would be oppressive and may have actually killed people.

    Now for the movie . I am trying to visualise you as very sensitive person who wept. I saw the movie and got very charged up. But after moving out of the theatre I realised that the movie didn’t have any strong script except for some dramatic situations. Most of the story seems to be cooked up ( except for “British East India Company murdering Indian civilians” …:P..sorry I am kidding) or made fit to be a movie.

    And to my delight and surprise I found the film has been sponsored by UK film Council. Daily Mirror ( or someother news paper with the name mirror in it in UK) is writing strong reviews against it. You are watching the movie liking some parts disliking some parts In India. I am outside India watching it from UK and writing critiques. It goes on and on…..

    In the end …I guess you are doing justice to your job or to yourself…Cross cultural Communication.


  4. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE show the other pics. They are my favourite couple, pleeeeeeeeeeeease i beg you.

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