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Pico Iyer and Andrew McCarthy on Traveling and Writing

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The National Geographic Society, located right here in Washington, DC, regularly puts on events as part of its NG Live! series. I’ve had the pleasure of attending two of these events, one featuring Pico Iyer, the other with Andrew McCarthy, and both featuring Don George in the role of interviewer. The following videos, distilled into their most essential points, are from the NG Live! talks.


Pico Iyer talks to Don George


Pico Iyer is the author of some of the best travel literature of the last several decades. His best-known books are Video Night in Kathmandu: And Other Reports from the Not-So-Far-East and The Lady and the Monk: Four Seasons in Kyoto. At NG Live!, Iyer was promoting his book The Man Within My Head.


Andrew McCarthy talks to Don George


Andrew McCarthy is the author of The Longest Way Home: One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down as well as numerous award-winning travel articles. Yes, he’s THAT Andrew McCarthy, too.

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