Why I Love Shoes

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I just stumbled across this poem of sorts that I wrote last year for some shoe-loving jingle contest. Not quite sure why I didn’t win. I still think this is kinda cute:

(Sing to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music)

Round-toed Manolos and sky-high stilettos
Flip flops to wear when I’m running through meadows
Lemon-hued Jimmy Choos purchased for spring
A good pair of shoes is my favorite thing

Audrey wore flats when she flirted in Roma
I prefer Pradas when touring the MOMA
Peek-a-boo sandals reveal my toe ring
A good pair of shoes is my favorite thing

When my clothes bore
When I weigh more
When the day seems grim
I simply slip on a great pair of black heels
See how I look chic and trim?
[Repeat all verses]