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Not India, but Italy

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Good news, everyone! As you may or may not know, in between voiceovers, observing India, and blogging, I’ve also maintained a pretty full freelance writing/editing schedule. The results of those long days and nights last fall have been two guidebooks on Italy that I am quite proud of.

michelinguide.jpg Michelin Green Guide Tuscany: In stores since February 28, 2006, the Green Guide is what I think of as the “grown-up’s guide” to Tuscany. The information is tailored toward the more worldly traveler, and covers just about every small Tuscan village you can imagine. I worked as the principal writer on this book, updating information that was in the original Italian language guide and providing my own insight into destinations, restaurants, and hotels in Tuscany. It was a great challenge working with Michelin, and hopefully I’ll have the chance to do it again sometime.

ugci3.jpg The Unofficial Guide to Central Italy: Set to be released today, March 20, this is the third edition of the book that I wrote from scratch. The text has been fully updated, and the editors have changed the layout to be more traveler-friendly, including more sidebar information and tips. I find this guide even more digestable than the previous two editions. So, I hope people gobble this one up enough to justify a fourth edition.

Please have a look at both of these books on amazon.com, especially if you are planning a trip to Italy in the next year.

By the way, I am also working on an Italy-themed website, that I hope to launch soon. If there’s anyone that wants to offer advice or services, especially with regards to web design, please let me know. (I love working on content and design, but I’m too busy to do it all!) I can only pay in “thank yous” right now, but you never know where such partnerships could lead.