Writing Life

Why I Love Shoes

I just stumbled across this poem of sorts that I wrote last year for some shoe-loving jingle contest. Not quite sure why I didn’t win. I still think this is kinda cute:

Of Freelance Writers and Junkets

There was a debate about travel writing ethics today on Twitter (#twethics), which started with a story on Gawker called “New York Times Travel Writer Broke These Travel Writer Rules With Junket.” Gawker ran the above photo of Mike Albo, said travel writer, who was accused of engaging in a “swag orgy” because he accepted …

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Death to Spammers

Over the weekend, some annoying spammer/spamming script infiltrated my blog, leaving some less-than-savory comments. Sorry if anyone saw these and were offended. I’m so annoyed. I feel so violated. If there’s going to be any g-d cursing on my blog then I’m the one who’s going to f**kin’ do it. Sadly, I’m afraid my choice …

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TCB: Taking Care of Business

Bombay didn’t see much of me today, as I needed to get down to business of updating my web site, getting my email and computer streamlined, etc. I finally sat down and learned Net Objects Fusion so I could update my web site. The color scheme isn’t at all like my blog, so this will …

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On Spec Or Not On Spec?

I’ve got one of those nasty summer colds right now, so my head isn’t quite right today. So it seemed like a good day to browse the net – also the BootsNall Boards – to see what was going on. I come back to the topic of travel writing, in general, and writing “on spec,” …

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What’s Up, BnA?

Lots of web troubles going on as of late. Looks like BootsnAll, the site through which I have my blog, decided to do some upgrades. And, as a result, my blog no longer has formatting. Talked to a guy at support, and he said the site looks the same to him. Am I the only …

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