Market Lead: Bus Tales

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I’ve seen this lead pop up a few times over the past week, and I have to say it’s a tempting offer. Not for the money, but just because of the subject. Gosh, I wonder if they’ll accept a random story about my daily commute…

Window Seat Press is looking for off-beat, funny, inspirational or tragic international bus travel stories of 750 to 4,000 words for a bus travel story anthology. Whether you’re in Kathmandu or Cozumel, the bus is where it all happens. It’s where you meet the people, hear the language and taste the culture for the price of a fare. Whether you glimpsed fear in the eyes of Rwandan refugees or played poker with Laotian nuns, we want to read your bus story. Make it funny, serious or off-beat, but make it true to the experience we’ve all shared from our seats on the bus. We pay one $500 editor?s choice per book plus $100 and two book copies for each published story. Multiple story submissions accepted. Publication summer 2005. To submit, send your story in the body of an email with subject line “Where Do We Get Off?” to: or send a self-addressed stamped envelope with each submission to: Where Do We Get Off?, Window Seat Press, 1519 Connecticut Avenue, NW, #301, Washington, DC 20036. All submissions must include story title along with author’s name, address and phone number.