1. Mumabi and Ganapati brings different memories to me. Monday must have been the worst day to go out the day of Idol immersion. Hope you stayed safe. “Ganesh” is among many symbolisms in Hindu faith. If need to know anything about Mumabi don’t hesitate to ask. It must be hot in Mumabi . Enjoy.DN

  2. Please take comments from cabbies with a pinch of salt. Hindu faith has been around in various incarnations for last 5 thousand years or more. It is still evolving and flexible. People are still trying t undersatnd deeper meanings. Not a shallow faith bound to a single book. BTW ancestors of between 95- 97% of muslims in Inda at some point in last thousand years were proselytized to that faith. How many really willingly proselytized who knows. Hindus consider there are “330 million” gods in Cows stomach. What a detterent from slaughtering cows. Who so ever instilled that faith would have never dreamt of CJD or BSE! One more reason to be vegetarian I guess for a agriculture economy until recently!! Visit PUNE at 200kms; not too far yet completely different city. Centre of education and at one point 250 years back the sub-continent was ruled from there. My 2 cents worth of advice to you would be “observe, absorb, understand and not judge”. America is far from being a perfect place and a perfect society.

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