A Query A Day

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…keeps the creditors away!

No seriously…I don’t know how anyone does it. I have just spent the better part of mid-day working on a pitch — well, two — tailored for one specific magazine. I’ll sit on that one for a little while – let’s hope I hear back. Then I’ll move down to the next market and give it a go.

It’ll be a lot easier to devote my undivided attention to queries once I leave my day job. My last day is next Friday – woohoo! Maybe I’ll spend a lazy 4th of July weekend brainstorming. That’s the only problem with freelancing full-time: your work is never done.

Knowing that I’m going to need motivation, I’ve collected some of the best essays I’ve read about query letters. The first three are from mediabistro – gosh, Laurel Touby’s got a good thing going over there. I really like Carolyn See’s article “Grace Notes,” so I don’t know why Mediabistro no longer lists it in their archives.

Alas, my writing work is done for the day. On to another pointless meeting at 3, then I’m leaving early for the Yankees-Orioles game. Yay for me!