Wireless at Last!

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I’ve been trying to figure out how to get online wirelessly for MONTHS now, and no one has been able to help. But today I gave it another shot. Not sure what I did. Well, for one thing, I removed my wireless connection from the “bridge” that it was on. Otherwise…I’m not quite sure.

So, after doing a quick writing assignment, I’ve been zooming around on the net for a couple of hours now. I am starting to feel like Chandler and Joey on Friends when they suddenly get porn for free and are afraid they’ll lose it if they turn the channel or turn off the t.v.

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing – admitting that I (once a certified Webmaster) have not been able to figure out WiFi or referencing a Friends episode.

Well, I can’t stay at Starschmucks forever. Time to take my bounty home from this morning’s Farmer’s Market. I’ll tell you later about the delilcious zucchini fritters I made this morning.

Oh, Saint Isadore of Seville, please bless me with WiFi access tomorrow and the rest of my days. Amen.