What’s News?

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Hello. Mumbai really can be too much fun. We managed to find some clubs that the cops didn’t shut down at 1:30. Needless to say, I have a raging headache this morning.

But, I’m not too tired to read the news! First, a couple of very interesting India-related articles I read this week:

S. Asia struts on UN catwalk
Hitler’s Secret Indian Army

Good baseball news this week, too! Looks like DC might be getting a team (woohoo – deal with it, Angelos!) and the Yankees are doing their post-season thang again. Yay. I’m happy even though I haven’t seen a single baseball game in over a month.

Oh…and another baseball article I really enjoyed from George Vecsey:

A Myth That Should Not Be Perpetuated

I’ll write more about Mumbai later when my head stops aching – maybe between overs of today’s match-up between England and the West Indies in the ICC. Gotta love the cricket.