Tribal People Trying Things: Reaction Videos from Reactistan

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Reaction videos of people listening to a song or trying new foods for the first time have been popular on YouTube for a while now. But few are as charming as those from Reactistan, a channel that films tribal people from Pakistan trying “western” foods.

I’m posting the latest video – where the usual group of tribal men and women try McDonald’s. But there are so many other good ones – trying pasta, tacos, sushi, nachos, pizza, Australian snacks. There are also videos of them playing Donkey Kong and Flappy Bird.

Reactistan turns the concept of “foreign” on its head. Tasters size up the shape, composition, spices, and cooking methods of foods that are common to much of the rest of the world, giving us reason to rethink foods, snacks, and drinks that we consume without question. Fettucine Alfredo looks like “worms from a lamb’s intestine” and cheese on a pizza is “used as an adhesive” for all the other ingredients.

It’s all very funny and addictive. Watch more here.

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