Sea You Later

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Of course, on the day before I take off for vacation, work is crazy. And, of course, almost all of today’s work came in the later half of the day. No matter, though. I’m heading off to Florida tomorrow; in my mind, I’m already there…

I’m heading down to Apalachicola to hang with my family. I have never been to Apalachicola, but I’ve read that it’s known for its oysters.

We’ll actually be staying on St. George Island, which, I understand, is about 20 minutes away from “mainland” Ap’cola.

I love going on trips to places that I know very little about. I know there’s a beach and a state park. But that’s about all I know. I’ll wait to see what I find down there rather than read too much (and expect too much) beforehand.

I grew up in a tiny, landlocked town in Alabama. So the very first time I went to beach was when I was 14. Crazy, huh? Well, of course, we went to the Gulf Coast of Florida, which was closest for us. I remember there being lots of fried seafood (which I still love, even though I know now that’s not the only way to cook it); kitschy souvenirs; and a gorgeous, if crowded, beach. I expect that Ap’cola won’t be much different.

I hope the town surprises me.