Rivalry Weekend

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I hope all of you in the States are enjoying the Yankees/Red Sox weekend. I see the teams split the first two games, so hopefully Mussina and the Yanks will be able to pull off one more win today. I’ve been praying to Ganesha (also god of removing obstacles), so Pedro, Millar, Ortiz, and the others should worry. Come on, Ganesha…I’m counting on you.

In my world, I’ve got my own little rivalry to look forward to this afternoon. Anthony and I have been watching tons of cricket – if it’s not live, then there’s always some rebroadcast somewhere – and we’re starting to figure out the rules. Wickets, runs, bowlers…it’s kind of fun. Anyhow, India and Pakistan play each other today at 2:45 – about an hour or so from when I’m writing – and it should be quite a competition. Not sure if we’re going to try to head to a sports bar to watch or if we’ll just watch at home.

Nevertheless, since I won’t get to enjoy watching Jeter and Bernie, I’ve found a new favorite player to root for. Check out Harbhajan Singh of the Indian team. He’s been dubbed the “Turbanator” and it’s a trip to watch him play.

By the way, cricket commentary is also quite hilarious, and it almost has to be because the games are so long. We were watching a replay of a recent game in the ICC tourney between India and England, and England made a mistake (took off running when they shouldn’t have, giving India a chance to knock down their wicket).

“That’s too bad for the England side.”
“Yes, but who the hell cares if you’re an Indian. I say, who the hell cares.”

Can’t you just hear the droll British? Anyone for a Pim’s?