Lying in State

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The saturation Reagan coverage is cathartic to some, annoying to others. All I know is that we’re about to get bombarded with Reaganites over the next few days.

My day job has followed the Federal Government and declared offices closed on Friday (thanks, Ronnie!). Starting tomorrow, traffic around here is going to be hellish. Barriers and fencing are already up near the National Cathedral. I haven’t had a chance to look downtown yet, but I’m sure it’s a mess, too.

I have mixed feelings about Reagan, mostly because I was too young during his presidency to really get angry about his policies. A little older, a little wiser, I’m a bit disappointed that some of the negatives of the Reagan years are not being mentioned in the media. CNN’s site has some good ones, though. I’m touched by some of the people from the former Soviet Bloc (just wrote Soviet Blog – that’d be a cool one!) who feel that they owe RR for their freedom. Then again, this is the man who ordered an invasion on tiny Grenada and refused to speak out about the AIDS crisis. This guy says it pretty well:

Steve Lorenzo from Sunnyside, New York:
“Nearly 100,000 Americans died of AIDS during the Reagan administration. Despite the death of his friend Rock Hudson from the disease in 1985, Ronald Reagan did not even mention the word AIDS in a policy address until 1987. His capitulation to the religious right, who believed AIDS was God’s punishment for gays, prevented crucial research into prevention and treatment during these critical early years of the epidemic. Nearly 30 million people worldwide have since died of the disease; this horrific statistic must not be forgotten when speaking of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.”

I wonder if members of ACT UP will clash with Reagan mourners this weekend? That’d be a way to spice up Pride weekend!

At any rate, I’m sure I’ll be home watching the event on the tele. Sad but true, I’ve lived in DC for three presidential cycles and haven’t been to one inauguration. Maybe if they held it in March, I’d consider it.

I hope to use Friday for getting out some queries. I go through brainstorming phases every so often and I feel one coming on soon. If I change my mind and visit RR in the rotunda, I’ll let you know.