Just one more week…

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…until I get out of this office and get on with my summer adventures.

I think they’re trying to make my last days miserable though. It doesn’t help that I’m in a half-cube sans file cabinet or real desk space. Now they’ve set aside a space beside me for a new contractor who is extremely creepy. Kind of a Norman Bates-type who talks to much.

I’ve been feeling bad lately, about the denoument of leaving this god forsaken job. I just feel bad about leaving the decent people with my work load. But I need to stop acting like a chump.

I got a preview last night of what my evenings will be like this summer. A bit of horror, a bit of fun.

I’ll be picking up extra shifts at the “diner” over the next month or so to compensate for the day-job money I’ll be missing.

I’ve done full-time table-waiting before. It’s tough on the bones and the liver (what with all the shots we sneak when it gets busy). It’s fun sometimes, too, just making fun of people and making up stories about their lives and current situations.

So I told you that the restaurant where I wait tables is a mostly gay establishment, right? Anyhow, last night, my first table of the night was a dad and his two kids. It was early and the place looked pretty normal to the unsuspecting eye. Then the restaurant began teeming with gay dads and their sons. Four tables out of five were gay dads. The obviously straight dad (most possibly from out of town) looked a bit disturbed, to say the least. Though, to be honest, the atmosphere was pretty damn wholesome, save for the boozing.

Then, disaster! The daughter of straight dad vomited all over the place. She and dad quickly retreated to the restroom to regroup. Meanwhile, my busboy did the heroic thing and cleaned everything up. I was mortified and nauseous. Remind me if I ever win the lottery to share a portion of the winnings with that busboy. I really don’t think restaurant-goers recognize how important they are.

So yeah…my first table of the night and the poor kid hurled. My co-workers and I speculated that the girl was disgusted by the moral impropriety of the other patrons. But maybe she just wasn’t having a good day.

Needless to say, my night could only improve after that. Oh what a lovely summer I have to look forward to.