Getting to Know India: Top 10

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Before I switch to full-on U.S. election monitoring mode (my nerves are already a wreck, compounded by the fact that I’m currently reading Dude, Where’s My Country), I thought I’d reflect on the past two months in India.

Gosh…it’s already been two months. And in that time, I’ve come to appreciate and/or accept some of the quirks that I’ve encountered here. I can think of two ultimate metaphors for this country: 1) the ice deliveryman driving a bullock cart and 2) a hand-cart/rickshaw traffic jam. This is such a wacky place.

Still, I think that I’m settling in well. I’ve even come up with a top ten list of ways you know you’ve lived in India. (Disclaimer: with only two months invested here, my observations may seem a bit naive, so no hate mail please.)

Top Ten Ways to Know You’ve Lived in India

10) You’re not in the least bit fazed by seeing cows on the side of or in the middle of the road
9) You’re not on the Atkins diet. A meal without rice – or bread – is not a meal
8) You begin to recognize Bollywood stars on movie posters
7) You have a driver and/or maid
6) Your palate has become so used to spice that you no longer need to bring tissues with you to the dinner table
5) You become immune to the relentless honking of horns
4) Your office mates burn incense at work and it doesn’t seem in the least bit strange
3) Answering with a head bobble is second nature
2) A pink and orange ensemble? Sequins during the day? Why not!
1) You look forward to those cool, 90 degree days