Ecotourism Prize

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Are there any truly unspoiled destinations in the world? Conservation International and the National Geographic Society seem to think so.

On June 8, the two organizations will present the World Legacy Award, which will “recognize excellence in environmental, social and cultural travel.”

Here’s the breakdown:

Nature Travel – for positive contributions to the conservation of natural areas and biodiversity:
Al Maha Desert Resort – Dubai
Kwandwe Private Game Reserve – South Africa
Chumbe Island Coral Park – Zanzibar

Heritage Tourism – for positive contributions to cultural heritage and diversity:
Anangu Tours – Australia
Moki Treks – Utah, USA
Campi va Kanzi – Kenya

Hotels and Resorts – for environmentally responsible operations that help protect surrounding cultural and natural assets of the area:
Casuarina Beach Club – Barbados
Turtle Island Resort – Fiji
Voyages Hotels and Resorts – Australia

Destination Stewardship – for destinations comprised of more than one business or attraction (regardless of scale) that demonstrate exemplary protection of their natural and cultural heritage:
Moosalamooo Region – Vermont, USA
Jurassic Coast – Dorset and East Devon Coast World Heritage Site, England
Gunung Rinjani – Indonesia

My only worry is that the publicity will generate more tourism. Hopefully the tourists attracted to these destinations are eco-friendly, too.