Dussehra sara’…whatever will be…

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Alas, the Yankees couldn’t pull it off against the Red Sox last night, er, this morning. So, the only thing that could possibly soften the blow of a Yanks loss is…a day off of work.

Woohoo! Tomorrow is Dussehra here in India and it’s a national holiday. So, two four-day weeks in a row..and Diwali isn’t even here yet!

But, back to baseball. I’ve got two questions:

1) Does this mean that Bostonians will finally stop whining?
2) Does this mean that Unfrozen Caveman Johnny Damon will finally cut his hair?

The one hope is that the Sox’ win will give Kerry the big mo’ on the campaign trail. Though, god help us if we have to endure a Boston/Texas series before a Massachusetts/Texas election.

So with that, I say:

Go Cards!