Monsoon Update #2

Well, I'm still pretty high and dry here in Bombay. But now I see that the international papers have caught on to our little rain problem. So, it must be…

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Monsoon Update

Nine hours later's still raining! No flooding where I am, but most of the city is shut down. I guess this is the equivalent of a blizzard, so I'll…

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Now That’s What I Call A Monsoon!

I’ve been pretty unimpressed by the monsoon so far. Sure, it came in with a bang. Then again, the flooding has happened mostly in the suburbs, not in the city.

In fact, the weather in Bombay has been mostly overcast with occasional sun and sprinkles. The locals said that the rains had “regularized,” meaning that they were coming mostly at night instead of haphazardly during the day. There was a time last week when a colleague of mine was convinced she wouldn’t really need an umbrella for the rest of the season.

Monsoon is really just another name for a weather pattern, a storm. Even when it pours, it never really thunders. I was inappropriately worried about the monsoon shortly before it came, but now I realize that it’s nothing to be scared of.

“Thunder never happens when it’s raining…” Today, that changed.

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