When Brands Write Self-Deprecating Tweets #sadbrandtweets

Plenty of people gripe on Twitter. I am definitely one of them. I know it’s not the best thing to do, to let everyone know my ups and downs from moment to moment. (Yet I do find it more honest than being chipper 24-7.)

In a funk yesterday, I started thinking about these sad, often self-deprecating tweets that I send out into the ether on a regular basis. Then it occurred to me that it’d be hilarious if brands occasionally lapsed into the same vague tweets full of self-doubt and loneliness. I used to create one self-deprecating brand tweet for your amusement…


What other sad brand tweets can you think of? Go to to create your own then send me the link, either in the comments below or on twitter using the hashtag #sadbrandtweets.

(Dear Best Western, Thanks for being a good sport about this. Yours, M)