Photo Flashback Friday: At the Market in Turkey

Five years ago this weekend, I was browsing these gorgeous fava beans and artichokes at a produce market in Ankara. Cool to look back through my Flickr archives and rediscover what I was doing on the same date years ago./p

Patara Gate, Turkey

Ancient Roman Gate in Patara (Lycia) Turkey

Built during the era of Claudius, when the Turkish subregion of Lycia was part of the Roman Empire, the ancient gate in Patara is one of the architectural highlights in a region known for its ruins.

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini is in season right now, and soon there will be so much we won’t know what to do with it. I could probably eat zucchini everyday. It’s so versatile – grill it, sautee it, fry it up. Yesterday morning, I took to frittering it. I modified this recipe from the May 2002 issue of …

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Beypazari and the Food of Anatolia

Last weekend we went to Beypazar?, a small village an hour and a half by bus from Ankara. Located on the old “Istanbul to Baghdad route,” Beypazar? has been inhabitated by various tribes and peoples, including the Seljuks, who left behind a 12C mosque, and the Ottomans, whose “konak” houses dot the town’s hillside. Beypazar? …

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Perfect Summer Salad

My staple during this hot Turkish summer has been kisir, what some call Turkish Tabbouleh. It’s not really a salad, but it makes the perfect cold side for stuffed peppers or karniyarik (another Turkish dish I’m making a lot lately). I learned this recipe from my maid, but you can also find a perfectly good …

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Welcome to Turkey

We arrived in Turkey at a very interesting time. The Battle for Turkey’s Soul is afoot, pitting the “sons and daughters” of Atatürk (as well as the Turkish military) versus the “headscarf republic,” or Islamists. Hundreds of thousands of Turkish secularists have marched in Istanbul and Ankara at the slightest hint that the prime minister …

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Three Best Travel Secrets

I’ve been tagged by Robin Locker at My Mélange to provide my three best travel secrets. She actually tagged me on my Italofile.com site. But I had so many good secrets beyond Italy that I wanted to share my top three non-Italy secrets here. To see the Italy list, head over to Italofile. Have a …

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