Which Famous Author Do You Write Like?

So here’s a very fun tool. I Write Like analyzes “your word choice and writing style,” then compares it to the writing of famous authors. How many authors are in the IWL database? How many of the famous authors’ texts have been analyzed? I have no idea. But there was enough data to give me three different results from three different texts.

IWL Lovecraft

When comparing a block of text from this post.

IWL Doctorow

When comparing a block of text from this post. And…

IWL Vonnegut

Ah….there we go. This was the result when I entered text from this, the most popular post on my site. I honestly don’t see the similarities at all, but who am I to argue with an algorithm?

Branded For Life

Branded For Life

Branded For Life is a depressing look at a few people who allowed themselves to become human billboards for dotcom companies in the 90s. If this isn’t bad enough, all of the companies are now defunct.

My Internet Roots

So I was thinking that perhaps it was the phone’s fault for me being online all the time. Then I remembered I was one of about five people that used to stay in the college computer lab – yeah I’m that old – until 4am almost every night.

I was definitely one of the few people on IRC at the time. Anyone out there ever dwell in #altpunk circa 1993? If you did, message me and I’ll tell you my somewhat embarrassing username – my first username!

I’m kicking myself I didn’t end up a coder or developer or something. I took a one-off course in computer science my sophomore year of college. I taught my professor and the students in my course how to go online and use EMAIL. I tried to teach my boyfriend, who was leaving spring semester for Buenos Aires, how to email me while he was away. There was nary an Internet cafe in the Palermo neighborhood of BA in 1994 Argentina. So that semester, the only thing that took me away from the computer lab was the one week I hopped in a band bus post-concert and ended up in Atlanta five days later. Everybody’s gotta have a spring break!

I miss those early days of the Internet, especially because I knew they had such promise but also because I could envision a future that all the technology I was digging would be easier for others to use. I wish I’d envisioned what we have now (except maybe with fewer animated gifs). I wish I would’ve taken another computer course (and another) and had the guts to switch majors. Or at least minors. A minor in German? WTF?

So yeah, I’m the same age as Marissa Mayer and I kind of want to throw up. But I can’t help but cheer her on because she came of age in the same computer age as I did. We have inhabited roughly the same span of time.