Next Stop: Bombay

This has been a long time coming, this posting. But the past month has been too hectic to keep up. Intensive Hindi classes, packing, and saying goodbye to everyone has taken it’s toll. Now, I’m just hanging out in New York for the next few days until we take off for Bombay.

So, this is most probably the last post until I get set up over there. But I’ll certainly keep on writing once I’m there. Don’t be surprised if I start posting tirades about cricket in the near future (especially if I can’t get the World Series by satellite…).

With that, I’ll see you on the flippity flip.


On to India

So, I will let you in on a little secret. In less than three months, I will be moving to Mumbai (formerly Bombay), where for the next little while I hope to derive travel writing inspiration from the Indian metropolis’ mind-boggling array of sights, scents, and cultures. It shouldn’t be too hard. That is, it shouldn’t be too hard to find inspiration.

I’m not so sure how I will handle living in Mumbai, but I’m sure it will be with a sense of absolute wonder.

It’s pretty cool that my first trip to Asia will be when I actually live there. But, if you don’t mind me giving myself a congratulatory pat on the back, that’s exactly how I first encountered Europe. The first time I went there was when I moved to Germany as an exchange student in 1991.