Long Weekend in Apalachicola: Part 1

Apalachicola 025.jpg

The word “Apalachicola” ranks up there with Okeechobee and Massapequa as one of the more amusing Native American place names. It has a foreign air, but just enough grit that you instantly know that the town can be found somewhere on a map of America.

In fact, you can find Apalachicola on a map of Florida, in the central-western crook of the Panhandle about two hours south of Tallahassee. Some people call this area of the country L.A. – or, Lower Alabama – and, coming originally from Alabama, I know this to be true. This is the land of NASCAR, country music, and yellow flies. Nine out of ten times, this is the kind of place I avoid. But I was in for a surprise.

Sea You Later

Of course, on the day before I take off for vacation, work is crazy. And, of course, almost all of today’s work came in the later half of the day. No matter, though. I’m heading off to Florida tomorrow; in my mind, I’m already there…