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Things I’m Thankful For

Now that Thanksgiving is nigh, I’ve been seeing all of my friends list things that they are thankful for. So I, too, wish to reflect and count my blessings. Here, in no particular order, are the things I’m thankful for this year. I’m thankful for… My family The fact that my youngest boy Leo made …

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This year I resolve to: -Write more and tweet less -Get to know people and not just avatars -Take the time each day to step outside and away from my desk -Exercise more / return to yoga -Start finding answers instead of only asking questions -Send at least one postcard or letter through snail mail …

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What Makes You Happy?

It’s a new year and time for a new resolution. Rather, it’s time to pull last year’s resolution off the shelf, dust it off, and try again. In truth, everyone’s resolution is the same. It is a search for happiness. We think we’ll find it this year if we lose those 10 pounds, quit smoking, …

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Conan O’Brien Invents a Museum I Wish Existed

I tuned in to Conan last night to see one of the best sketches in ages. Conan enlists the help of Corbin Bernsen to present the Museum of Pop Culture References, a fictional museum for viewers who are too young to get Conan’s jokes. Wouldn’t that be a great idea for a real museum?

Perhaps the Most Beautiful Skateboarding Video You Will Ever See

Just clicked over to Vimeo to see this in my recommended box. Skateboarder Joe Rattray (aka The Predatory Bird) is shown skateboarding, only we see his shadow doing the tricks. The shadow play plus the eerie music by Nick Cave makes this video a must-watch, maybe even a couple times.


Worth Your Time: Abandoned Cuban Ballet School, Erotic Books, Turkey’s Golden Age of Spying

  Plan for Cuban Ballet School a Dance of Art, Politics — “…the school’s original structures are intact, a dazzling swirl of red brick shapes and huge domelike Catalonian vaults set against the lush green jungle. The winding corridors, stairways and sightlines come together in a cascade of twists and graceful curves, like music turned …

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Branded For Life

Branded For Life is a depressing look at a few people who allowed themselves to become human billboards for dotcom companies in the 90s. If this isn’t bad enough, all of the companies are now defunct.