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Lying in State

The saturation Reagan coverage is cathartic to some, annoying to others. All I know is that we’re about to get bombarded with Reaganites over the next few days. My day job has followed the Federal Government and declared offices closed on Friday (thanks, Ronnie!). Starting tomorrow, traffic around here is going to be hellish. Barriers …

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Where Has the Time Gone?

I can’t believe it’s been more than one whole year since I wrote a post for this blog. The main reason was because I kept having this technical glitch with wordpress, my blogging software. That all seems to be solved, thanks to a solution from tech blogger Dave Risley. I owe him. Of course, it …

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Lord Help DC

Are you serious? You can’t be serious? Marion Barry is in DC government again? The immortal words of Chris Rock: “Don’t smoke crack. If you do you won’t grow up to be anything” “I can be mayor!” Well, now you can also be a councilman!