May 2012

Perhaps the Most Beautiful Skateboarding Video You Will Ever See

Just clicked over to Vimeo to see this in my recommended box. Skateboarder Joe Rattray (aka The Predatory Bird) is shown skateboarding, only we see his shadow doing the tricks. The shadow play plus the eerie music by Nick Cave makes this video a must-watch, maybe even a couple times.

Photo Flashback Friday: At the Market in Turkey

Five years ago this weekend, I was browsing these gorgeous fava beans and artichokes at a produce market in Ankara. Cool to look back through my Flickr archives and rediscover what I was doing on the same date years ago./p

Conan O’Brien Invents a Museum I Wish Existed

I tuned in to Conan last night to see one of the best sketches in ages. Conan enlists the help of Corbin Bernsen to present the Museum of Pop Culture References, a fictional museum for viewers who are too young to get Conan’s jokes. Wouldn’t that be a great idea for a real museum?