February 2005

Awards in the ‘Woods

I have a love/hate affair with awards shows. I love watching them to see what people are wearing and who wins, but I usually can’t bear the acceptance speeches. Indeed, I love watching the Oscars, and I’ll definitely be tuning in on Monday morning (yep….they’ll be live at 6:30 a.m. in India) for a short …

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Joys of Jaundice

Fellow misplaced expat Karilyn hit the nail on the head with her recent comment. Indeed, I have come down with jaundice and I’m finally somewhat well enough to sit up straight and write about it. Basically, I have succumbed to the second – yes, second – outbreak of jaundice in Bombay over the past three …

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Down for the Count

Well, it looks like India has gotten the best of me and I’m going to be sick for the next few weeks. I hope to be back to the blog sooner than later. But time will tell. So, take care and I’ll write soon.